An ATM Program to fit ANY situation!

  • •  Increase Foot Traffic!
  • •  New Revenue Stream!
  • •  Low Cost ATM Solutions!

IT'S EASY AS 1..2..3!

  1. Turn-Key ATM Program.

First Regents can provide your organization with a complete ATM Program to service your customers' needs and expectations!

  • ATM Hardware - High End, Quality ATM Units
  • Vault Cash
  • Vault Cash Replenishment Services
  • ATM Network Access
  • ATM Transaction Processing
  • 24-Hour ATM Monitoring to insure the ATM is operational
  • ATM Hardware Maintenance

You, the Merchant, simply provide the space and utilities and enjoy a dependable, reliable ATM service for your customers!  You also receive revenue from the ATM service fees and additionally two new revenue streams in Financial Institution Branding and Surcharge Free Network Membership Fees!

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  1. Merchant Owned and Operated ATM Program.

First Regents can provide your organization with the equipment and processing for your ATM and Cash Access services. Merchants who select a Merchant Owned Program typically own and operate the ATM, provide cash services and cash, and provide the maintenance for the ATM program. First Regents sell the ATM equipment to the merchant and provide processing services for a minimal monthly fee and the merchant retains the revenue stream from the ATM fees.

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  1. Customized ATM Program.

First Regents can provide a custom program that best suites the environment and objectives of the retail merchant, combining those aspects of both a Turn-Key and Merchant Owned and Operated ATM Program.

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